The Statement

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Katie kept the second statement from the bank hidden behind the clock on the mantelpiece from her husband for three weeks. They had fought for hours over the first statement when he had seen the amount she had spent on the repairs to the car – she hadn’t even told him she’d misjudged the parking spot and scraped two panels against the post. He’d been overseas on business and she’d thought that she could get it fixed before he noticed. She hadn’t thought it was such a big deal. Her work at the medical clinic had covered the repairs, and now it was all over. Only she knew it wasn’t.

Two weeks ago, she’d smashed the lounge room window. She’d been vacuuming and listening to Queen, and she got a little carried away dancing to “I want to break free” and before she knew it, the hose was on the front path and the wind was gushing in her face. The breeze had cooled the blush of her panic, and she’d been able to get a glazier in that afternoon to replace it before he came home from work. But the cost. This was a lot more serious.

The relationship was nearing its end. She knew it. He’d been terse with her for months, and this was likely to be the straw that broke the camel’s back. She had written to an advice column in a weekly women’s magazine, and the response had been emphatic, almost aggressive. Be honest. But, it also advised that she should cook a nice meal – his favourite, dress up a little, and soften him up, then just be straightforward and apologetic.

The roast was in the oven, and an apple crumble was ready to go in for dessert. She put on a good dress, did her hair and was applying the last touch of lipstick when she heard the door close. She went to meet him in the lounge. He took one look at her and started to cry.

Katie looked startled for a moment. This was not the reaction she had expected. She didn’t know what to say.

“How long has it been going on?”

Katie paused. “What?”

“Your affair. Were you sleeping with him before I went away, or did it start while I was gone?”
“I’m not having an affair, David. What on earth made you think that?”

“I was talking about it with Sally at work. All the signs point to it. And then I read your letter in that magazine.” He spat this word out in disgust.

Katie thought back to her letter. It had been quite clear that it was about the money that she’d spent. What on earth was he thinking of?

“I’m very confused.”

David brought out a copy of the magazine, already opened at the letters page. Katie stared at it. Yes, there was her letter. Quite clearly telling her to be honest about the money.

“Is this your letter?”

“Well, yes, but I’m a bit lost…”

“You admit that it’s your letter, but you won’t admit the affair?”

“Where does it say anything about an affair?”

“Here, let me read it to you. “Dear Amy, My husband is away a lot on business, and I have recently started sleeping with another man. I still love my husband, but I thinking I am in love with this man. What should I do?” Katie, Aspendale”

Katie’s mouth gaped open.

“And the response? “Do you love your husband? Then end the affair, and be honest. Cook your husband a nice meal, dress up and just tell him what is happening. Let him decide if he can forgive you.”

Katie snatched up the magazine. Sure enough, there were two letters from “Katie, Aspendale”

“That is not my letter. This is my letter.” She pointed it out to him. He took a moment to read it. His face relaxed, he looked at her with a weak smile.

“You’re not having an affair?”
“No! I’d never do that to you!” She threw herself into his arms and they hugged. Behind her back, she felt him pick up the magazine again.

“Hold on.” His voice started to sound angry. “You spent how much?”

Katie held him tightly, wishing it would all go away.


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