Walking on Water

The second inflatable ski is harder to get on than the first. This is mainly caused by location – the first inflatable ski must already be on, and you must be in the water. If you are not in the water already, you run the risk of bursting the ski on a sharp pebble or stick, or on a splinter if you intend to launch from a dock. If you have one ski on, that foot will be floating. You will need at least one person to lift you, possibly a second to hold the first ski, and a third to guide your other foot into the second ski. You must get the balance right – if too much weight is put on one ski rather than the other, you will start to sink. This is really best attempted by a person of medium build – a child will have little control, and those of heavier stock will have little hope at staying above the surface.

Once your second inflatable ski is on and the balance between the two obtained, the stocks should be passed to you. These look like standard skiing stocks, only with inflatable bases to help you maintain your upright stance.

It may take several attempts, but keep at it. For there is nothing quite like walking on water. It truly is like walking on land… on water!


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