The job interview

**Two entries today because I missed yesterday**


Stacie’s second job interview was much more successful. She’d followed the advice she got from the first one, even though it had seemed a bit harsh initially. She took about two-thirds of her make-up off, printed her resume in black and white and Times New Roman, and tried to dress “less like a bogan coming in to town on a party bus for her mum’s hen’s party”. That comment had been especially harsh although Stacie wondered if maybe the interviewer had been at the Redback when her best friend’s mum’s hen’s party went there last weekend.

She’d answered the questions as required, brief answers, but providing all the appropriate information. She’d taken her time with the personality tests and tried to think serious thoughts.

When asked if she had any questions about the company, she didn’t ask if there were lots of cute single men working there, but instead said that she’d found their website most informative and easy-to-access.

So when she got the call from the manager advising her that she had been unsuccessful, she was stunned. What more could she have done? She asked the manager why she had been unsuccessful.

“Well, Stacie, at ‘Party Like it’s 2099’, we look for vibrant, party focused young people who know how to have a good time, and that comes through in their work. We just don’t feel you’d be a good fit.”


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