Just as the plane reached cruising speed, Carol hit her second wind. She sat in the tiny economy seat, her eyes bright and open and looked around. Amazingly, it was not a full flight, and so she was not seated next to anyone. She looked around and counted eight empty seats. Well, the ones in front of her might not be empty, but may have been occupied by someone too short for her to see their head.

Her leg started to jiggle. She looked at it. It stopped. She wondered if she’d done it using the power of her mind and felt powerful until she realised that using the power of your mind to stop part of your own body moving was not really impressive… unless it was your heart or lungs, and there’s not really much point to that.

Carol didn’t like having things in her ears, and so didn’t want to watch movies or whatever was offer on the tiny screen in the back of the seat. She angled the screen so she could kind of see herself in the matt screen. It was blurry and lacking in detail, but that didn’t matter to her. She started to pull faces to herself, giving herself little challenges. Monkey. Easy. Giraffe. Harder. Klingon. She didn’t really know what they looked like, so gave herself a good mark for that one. Turtle. She saw a flick in the corner of her eye, and saw a teenage girl staring at her from across the aisle. She smiled, the girl rolled her eyes and looked away. She pulled an asp face at her and turned back.

She couldn’t understand why she was so lively. She’d had two sleeping tablets and a large whiskey before she got on the plane, but it was clearly not working. She decided to take a walk. 

She walked up to the toilet, went in. Played with any levers or buttons or drawers. Flushed it twice. Left. On the way back to her seat, she spotted Nicky Flowers, a member of the highly successful boy band M8tes. He was pulling a face at his monitor, his leg jumping. She stopped.

“Are you Nicky Flowers?” He turned to her holding his latest face. “Nice badger. Although I prefer to do this.” She stuck her teeth out, blew out her cheeks and squinted. He returned his face to normal.

“Huh. I would have thought that was more of a beaver. But, I think it works really well for you. Nice. Yes, I am Nicky. Who are you?”


“So, why aren’t you watching one of those little screens or asleep?”

“I don’t wanna.” Carol was crap at flirting. She generally just berated the other person into sleeping with her. Or, often, not. “Why aren’t you in first class?”

“Overbooked. And me being a man of the people volunteered to come back here.”

“You missed ‘shotgun’, didn’t you?”


Carol looked down the plane. The only passengers she could see were asleep or glued to their TV. Nicky moved his jumper from the seat next to him.

“You wanna sit?”

Carol blinked a slow and uncoordinated blink and took a moment to focus on him. “Yup.”

She sat, put on her seatbelt and put the seat back a little. He turned from her to fumble in his bag for a moment, but when he turned around, her head was back and she was snoring gently. He gave her a hammerhead shark face, then went back to his bag for his sleeping pills.


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