The second pair of jeans was looser than the first. Penelope scrunched up her face in confusion and whipped them off. She checked the label. Size 14. But the previous pair had been size 14 and they fit perfectly. She looked closely, but the only difference she could see was the colour. She grabbed the first pair, the black jeans, and tried them on again. They were massive. She looked around for the slacks she wore when she came into the store. She’d put them on the door, hung them on the hook. Now the hook seemed miles away. She gasped and looked in the mirror. She looked the same, but saw the background moving behind her She was shrinking. Quite quickly, too. Her underpants fell off, but didn’t expose anything because the bottom edge of her t-shirt was on her ankles. She shed a tiny tear as her head disappeared into her shirt. As she slipped between the fibres of the carpet, she recalled her last thought before trying on the second pair of jeans. “I wish I was absolutely tiny.”


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