The Housemate

Their second housemate didn’t pay rent for two months, but refused to move out. After having to have the first housemate, Jin, removed by her parents because her affair with her Sociology Professor ended and she wouldn’t stop playing the Smiths every night, they were not keen to call Jim’s parents.

“Perhaps the reason the housemates are so bad is because we keep picking ones with similar names?” said Flynn.

“Get over it,” said Win. “We picked them because they fitted in to our general name scheme.  What are we supposed to do, end up living in a house with Win, Flynn and Benita?  That makes no sense.”

“We could try… interviewing.”

“What? Like for a job?”

Flynn shrugged his shoulders. “Couldn’t hurt.”

“Who’d want a job here?”

“No, it’s not really for a job. Look, next time Jim goes to the pub, we change the locks and chuck his stuff on the nature strip. Then, we sit inside with the lights out for a couple of nights so he thinks we’ve all moved out.”

“Do you think that will work?”

“Sure!  What else would he think?”

“Hmmm… good point.”

“Then, we get down to Centrelink and ask them to advertise the job.”

“No, it’s not a job, is it?”

“I’m so confused.”

“Me too.”

“Let’s watch telly.”


Two months later, Jim moved out with his girlfriend and they got a new housemate. The household was so successful that they had t-shirts made. “Living in a house with Win, Flynn and Chagrin.” 


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