She had bought that many last minute pairs of scissors and rolls of sticky tape that a second drawer was bulging, unable to be shot. She told herself that one day she would be organised. She would have a cupboard that was full of emergency gifts for small children, rolls of wrapping paper and a place for the scissors and sticky tape.

She was late for her niece’s party. Again. She could just imagine her sister’s greeting.

“Oh, Maz, you made it! And just in time for the cake! How wonderful!”

She could grin and make some excuse. The fact was, she just had a terrible sense of time. When she had woken this morning, Maz had made a plan in her head of how the day would run. She’d even timed it backwards.

She had to be at the party at 1, it took forty minutes to get there, so she’d leave at 12:10, just to be sure. She wanted a coffee on the way, so she’d be out the door of the house at 12. Say, half an hour to get ready, so that’s 11:30. Reading the Sunday papers, she’d give herself an hour. Shower after her exercise, 10:10. So, 10:30. Dog walk, to get the paper, forty minutes, that’s 9:30. She needed to deal with the veggie patch. It was a nightmare, so put aside an hour. Say, 8:30. And finally, a relaxing wake-up and potter – half an hour. That’s 8:00am. Which is the time she’d woken up, and yet somehow it was now almost 2 and she hadn’t got to the party. As she drove, she tried to find the lost time. She’d done a wash in there and hung it on the line. She hadn’t done the veggie patch. She bumped into Terri on her walk, they’d chatted for a while. And she’d realised that she hadn’t bought a present. By the time she picked one out, then bought paper, scissors and sticky tape, she was quite late. That was it. Annoying. And now she’s have to start a new wrapping drawer, she had another piece of paper leftover that was too small to wrap anything much, and she was barely going to make the party.

Might as well have stayed at home and done the veggie patch. It would have been less stressful.


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