The train home

The second hour of waiting nearly tipped Mary over the edge. She could no longer distract herself with Facebook. Apart from the fact that her phone’s battery was almost dead, she had harvested all her crops on Farmville, poked most of her friends and liked things that she actually didn’t like much at all.

An announcement came over.

“Attention all passengers travelling to Flinders Street, your train is now approaching.”

Mary sighed and stood, grabbing her tent, her sleeping bag, her backpack and her esky. She gave a half smile to the girl who looked similar to her – kind of dirty and tired looking, but with the fatigue of a good weekend’s festival.

She hadn’t been interested in travelling with her friends this time – not that she didn’t like them, but David and Pippa fought constantly about absolutely everything and John already had two passengers. So, she’d caught the train to Geelong and one of the buses organised by the Golden Plains Music Festival through to the gates. She hadn’t had a problem finding her friends so they could all camp together, and she had quite enjoyed slipping away as they packed up their cars. But it was back in Geelong that she had made the mistake that had cost her a large chunk of the day, the time she’d hoped to be sleeping. Getting off the bus, she had her headphones in and had not heard the announcement of which platform to go to. Her bags had been first off the mark, and she’d just grabbed them, walked to a platform, and jumped on the train that was waiting. Too easy. She’d fallen asleep. And woke in Colac. It was two hours before the next train, and that was because of the long weekend and the amount of people who’d gone to Port Fairy. Normally, she’d have to wait four. She didn’t think she could have waited four.

The train pulled into the station, and she got on. She found a seat to herself and had enough room to manoeuvre her masses of luggage out of the way of the other passengers. She’d be in Melbourne in about three hours; an hour later she’d be back at her little place, for the best shower of the year.


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