The second-to-last entry was a relief to the author and, no doubt, the reader. It had been a struggle over the past few months to think of the next second, and after tomorrow, she would not need to do this anymore! But then, what to write? She was in a dilemma.

She was also concerned that her ‘fictional’ blog entries had suddenly taken on a realistic bent, and so had to make a change. Luckily, a dragon swooped down, grabbing her in its talons and sweeping her away. Somehow, she held the cross-legged position and thus was able to continue typing, and she thought it lucky she’d just charged the battery.

The author began to worry as her time management skills were lacking and she was unsure if she’d get any work done on her novel (which she’d promised herself she’d have chapters one and two completed by the end of the weekend) and she’d already wasted half the day with a dog walk, two coffees in a café with Internet access, an eyebrow wax and a massage. She had to walk the dogs again, plus get some proper work done and have lunch before heading to the NGV by four. She knew that the beautiful weather was going to be a challenge to her concentration, so she asked the dragon to return her to the front step where she could continue her work.

The dragon flicked her into the air and ate her. Guess she wouldn’t make it to that show this afternoon.


One thought on “Procrastination

  1. He he he, I haven’t seen many dragons around lately, you must have taken them all with you when you left

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