The Last Second

It came down to the last second. Kim and Sandra ran next to each other, ran for their lives. But they weren’t running for their lives, they were running for the Under 14s One Hundred Metre ribbon.

Kim and Sandra had been best friends for as long as they could remember. They had lived next door as children and had been so distressed when Kim’s parents moved to a bigger house, but as it happens, they still went to the same school and spent heaps of time together on the weekend.

This was their first sports day since they’d started high school. At the school, it was seen as totally uncool to participate in anything, which Kim and Sandra thought was ridiculous. They had signed up for everything they could and had divided the firsts and seconds between them. This was the last race, and they were tied.

Kim looked at Sandra. She thought of all the times that she’d slept over at Sandra’s and she’d cried looking at her old house and thought of how much she missed it. She didn’t want her to be sad, but her competitive streak was strong. Sandra looked at Kim and caught her eye. She winked and took Kim’s hand and they raced over the line together.

Throughout the day, the girls’ efforts had not gone unnoticed amongst the cynical crowd who became more engaged and involved as the girls racked up wins. But this last move turned them. They booed and threw their lunch rubbish. Kim and Sandra didn’t care. They looked around and ran home, hand in hand.


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