All the same

From a distance, they all looked the same. Different heights, and some variation in body type, but blond, tan and smiling. She blinked, wondering if her excuse of tired eyes would hold much longer. She was sure she should get them checked – would she let a student go for this long without having them checked? Of course not. But she had always tried to avoid things that aged her. She herself dyed her hair blond, and got plenty of exercise. She’d read once that wearing thick clothes when exercising was a good way to lose extra weight, so she tended to wear two pairs of tracksuit pants and at least three tops. She’d tried using an iPod, but it didn’t get radio and she liked to listen to the races. She’d never bet, but thought that one day, with the amount she knew, she could put on half a dozen bets which would set her up for life. But, for the moment, she was happy with her work at the high school.

She wasn’t sure if the girls approaching were from her school. She didn’t know, and she didn’t really care.  Unless they were respecting the rules within the library, she didn’t really care much for the students at all. A bag started to slip from her fingers and she clutched at it. She’d just done her shop for the weekend and had three heavy plastic bags which she was struggling with.  She got a grip and pulled them in to her body.  The group of girls walked past, but from behind her large, dark glasses, she didn’t think they were from her school.  She meandered on towards her home.


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