Eyelids drooping, Sally struggled to hear what the lecturer was saying. This was her tough day at uni – she had a lecture at eight, four hours off, then a tute at one, three hours off, and then a final tute at six. She didn’t have enough time to get home, but that was all right. She usually spent the time in between the classes in the library completing her work, which meant she had little to do at home. That was just as well at the moment, because the landlord still hadn’t fixed the heating that meant she generally just jumped into bed as soon as she got home. It was far more acceptable doing that at nine rather than five in the afternoon.

Still, it was a long day, made worse by the reports she’d seen in the paper that the so-called ‘dot com’ boost was crashing, that companies were dropping like flies and that anyone going into developing Internet related technology was wasting their time. Sally had wanted to be a scientist, specifically a research scientist. She’d loved genetics and wanted to look into this. She was sure that there was so much locked up in the genes of living creatures and that if she tried hard enough, she could unlock some of these secrets. Maybe even cure something!

Then she met Steve. He was charismatic and convincing. He taught her about computing, and about the worlds that it opened up. She became addicted. But now that their relationship was bust she wasn’t so keen. She was three years in to her course. To change now would cost so much, and she’d lose almost everything she had worked so hard to develop.

She shook her head, took a drink of water and tried to refocus. Blah, blah, blah.


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