Spring afternoon

With her eyes shut, the world was red and warm. The grass was lush beneath her and she could smell the blossom in the air. She could hear the distant sound of a cricket game with the crack of the ball on bat and the polite clapping and murmuring. Planes flew overhead; small planes, learner pilots on their weekend practice sessions. She thought of her homework and tried to prioritise it. Maths was first up, but she only had to finish the one exercise. Then history. She couldn’t remember what she had to do, but Mr Carton was a dinosaur teacher – one of those ones who were just teaching until retirement. He probably wouldn’t even notice if she didn’t hand it in. And there was… was… was…

She woke with a chill, her eyes snapping open. It was dull and cold. She had no idea how long she’d been asleep. She wondered if anyone missed her.


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