The morning after

The throbbing started during the night. She woke and took a few moments to locate the pain – her left shoulder. She rolled off it and lay for a moment, trying to remember what happened. It hurt badly, but then so did her head. Her mouth was dry and opening her eyes, she realised the wedge of light coming under the bathroom door was far too bright to be daylight. It was a late and very drunken night. She remembered slipping whilst she was brushing her teeth and laughing loudly. She licked her teeth – she could taste blood. She braced herself, and then got up and went into the bathroom. Opening the door, the fluro light stunned her for a moment. She gave her eyes a chance to adjust, then opened them and looked around, stunned. There were streaks of blood all over the room. The toothbrush lay discarded on the floor. She could see where she fell and where her hand had left bloody trails across the room.

She looked into the mirror and nearly fell over with shock. The right side of her mouth had a trail of blood leading out of it and it was smeared across her face and into her hair. She leaned forward to get the face washer off the tap and noticed something out of the corner of her eye. It was her shoulder. Somehow, she had grazed her shoulder and there was blood down her back. She looked around the room and quickly spotted her raffia clothesbasket in a crushed heap on the floor. She must have fallen and somehow injured herself on that.

She decided she would have to call in sick today. She’d known that the drinks that she’d had last night to celebrate the first day in her new job were a mistake. She just hoped she wouldn’t get fired.

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