Studying the job section of the paper, Tamsin sighed. There was nothing in her field, yet again. She knew she should have studied something else. When she’d started the class, she thought alchemy was a self-starter. Turning metal into gold. But, as it happens, you still needed money to buy the metals. And it couldn’t be just any metal – the metal that turned into gold was actually not that much cheaper than gold. Plus, alchemy took far too long – seven years and you only got a few tens of thousands of dollars worth. Really, it would pay better to be a teacher.

4 thoughts on “Alchemy

  1. I love this one, any chance you could expand? Could go anywhere with this, from a short story to a film! Great work.

  2. Sounds like a challenge! Thanks, Steve, I’ll try to expand it, perhaps over the next few posts. I love a challenge!

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