Bad Back

“How exactly did this happen?”

Sinta looked up at the doctor, unsure of where to begin the explanation.

“I was backing out of the driveway… no wait. Ok, so I had to go to the laundrette because my machine is on the blink and… no, it was before that. Something happened before that. I noticed the back pain lifting the washing basket and also when I turned to look out the back window when driving… Oh, I know. I was coming into the kitchen and it was so cold – you know it’s the coldest winter on record, and I didn’t have my slippers on because I’d left them by the back door after hanging my clothes on the line yesterday morning and I’d mowed the lawn the day before so not only were they wet but they were covered in clippings and, seeing as I’d vacuumed, I didn’t want to bring them inside.”

The doctor took off his glasses and looked at her closely. “How, exactly, did this happen?”

“I just told you.”

The doctor went through what he could remember of her garbled explanation.

“It was picking up the laundry basket?”

“No! I told you, I ran into the kitchen, pulled the door shut and my sleeve got caught on the handle. I twisted, and that’s what happened,” She thought for a moment. “Oh. I may not have said that. I apologise. My back hurts.”

“Your hurt your back walking through a door?”

Sinta could her the laughter in his voice. Perhaps it was funny, she thought, but given her pain, he could hold himself together.

“Running. My slippers were outside and…”

“Ok, alright. I’ll write you a recommendation,” the doctor said, holding his laughter in. His shoulders shook slightly but not a sound came out.

Taking the letter of recommendation to the Physio, Sinta pulled the door shut, only to hear her doctor roaring with laughter on the other side. She wasn’t sure how she felt about this, so simply walked away.

One thought on “Bad Back

  1. Marg, you really capture some funny characters in this blog- characters that we all know and recognise. Loved this. Oh and I had forgotten that the laundry mat was once the laundrette- sounds so much…cleaner.

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