A Dog’s Life

‘Is that a lead? That’s a lead isn’t it. I heard it. You may pretend I didn’t, but I did. Oh, yes, you have the lead in your hand. That means it’s time for walks. Time for walks. WALKS! I’ve been waiting all day. All day. All day. At least an hour. It seems forever. Come on, put the stupid thing on me. That’s it. Click it on.  I’m out the door!  Come on, what are we waiting for.  If I pull hard enough, she’ll have to follow. Oooo… what’s that smell? Sniff sniff. Hmm… no, that’s mine now. Just a drop, save some for other trees. Smell… sniff, sniff. That’s mine too. Come on! Come on!  We have to hurry! There’s some grass. That grass looks good. Just let me… I need to… don’t pull me. I’m in the middle of something here. Give me a second. Oh, God, don’t watch me. That’s embarrassing. I don’t watch you. Well, you shut the door, but I wouldn’t watch you. I’m almost done. Not quite. There we go. Come on!  Why do you always do that? Why do you want to keep that? That’s waste!  Come on! I don’t know… Sniff, sniff… that’s a cat. I can smell a cat. Come on! There it is!  On the fence!  Come on, let me get to it, I’ll show it who’s… no, no, don’t pull me backwards! That’s not fair! I need to get closer and… Oh, now it’s gone. Oooh, look at this tree. Sniff, sniff. Smells like… there, now it’s mine again. And this one’s mine. And this one, and… what, why are you in such a hurry now? Do we have to go home? Ah, up the path, open the door, come on. I need to go and make sure my bed’s still there. Come on, hurry up. Unclick. Yes, that’s it. Run to bed – it’s still there – wait, is that a lead?  That was a lead? What, why are you putting it down, it’s time for a walk. I’ve been waiting all day, come on. Come on! Let’s go!”


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