Goodbye to the family home

She fastened the knot, hoping that it would hold her boot shut, and took one last look at her family home. Her parents had sold it just before she returned from her working holiday in Canada, but the settlement had allowed her two days to pack up her room. When she’d walked into the house, it had been eerie – everything else had been removed, but her room was exactly as it was when she left. Apart from the mountain of flat cardboard for her to assemble into boxes and pack. It was the perfect jet lag job. She could pack in the middle of the night when she was most awake and not disturb anyone.

She’d worked fast – she had no choice, and four trailer trips had moved her boxes and furniture to the new house. She wasn’t planning to unpack much until she found her own place. After living out of her backpack for the last month as she travelled home through the States, it wouldn’t be hard to live with everything still packed.

Now, the last of her belongings filled the boot and back seat of her mum’s Cortina, she gazed at the house that she’d grown up in, whispered a quiet goodbye, and got into the driver’s seat and left.

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