One-hundred-and-one blog entries; a quick reminiscence

The rare comments often come on the most unexpected posts.

If I leave writing my entry until the end of the day, the entry is very short.

I get very annoyed if I don’t do an entry, although far less so on the weekend.

If it is cold, the entry will be shorter.

If I am procrastinating some other writing or anything else, the entry becomes longer.

Given half a chance, I would write a full short story each day, but I may no get anything else done.

I prefer to not give my characters names.

I start too many sentences in the same way.

I love writing, and I love looking to see how many people have hit the site.

5 thoughts on “One-hundred-and-one blog entries; a quick reminiscence

  1. Thanks for the memories, it has been wonderful so far. I would like to know more about some of the characters……are they going to overlap Robert Altman style or remain as stand aloners?Thanks again.

  2. Have enjoyed the first 101 – looking forward to the next lot – really like the short ones and hope some of them grow into longer versions one day….

  3. Geez you’re FUNNY ! … but your blogs … they’re brilliant. Which, I guess, makes YOU brilliant too !!! Keep up the fantastic work. Your writing and your dedication inspire me and I’m sure, many others … YOU’RE BRILLIANT & FUNNY xxx

  4. I agree with Sarah – you and your blogs are brilliant!! I enjoy reading all of them, but sometimes one in particular will hit a chord or rouse a memory I had long forgotten…..and I love when that happens! So thank you, and keep doing your thing 🙂

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