Best Laid Plans

It was only when she was on the tram that she realised she’d never sent the text message to confirm the movie. She pulled out her phone – it was almost dead. She was about to see a movie that she had bought tickets for but hadn’t actually made proper plans to see. Her phone connected.

‘Fi? Hi! What’s up?’

‘Hey, Stace. You know how you wanted to see that movie? Like, in twenty minutes?’

Fi imagined she could hear Stace roll her eyes.

‘You’re not on your way there, are you?’

‘Yeah, and I bought the tickets, and everything. I know I’m an idiot, but is there any chance you can still come?’

Fi waited for a reply, and when none came, she looked at the phone. Dead. She had no idea how much Stace had heard. The tram reached the stop and Fi headed to the cinema.

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