Tim and Jenny

Jenny sat on the floor in front of the heater with a doona around her shoulders. The middle square of the five glowed orange/red. The other four were dark.

‘Stupid frigging landlord not fixing the frigging heater.’ She tried to move around so she could see the paper on the table and write whilst only allowing three fingers out of her cocoon. It seemed like an impossible task, but she was convinced she could do it. Balanced on one buttock, with the paper on four stacked textbooks sitting on a Feetseat, she was able to get some scribbling done. She smiled to herself, then realised she forgotten the topic. Damn it. It was in her bedroom.

A click was heard in another part of the house and she realised Tim was home. He came in, slightly drunk, warm jacket on.

‘Jesus! It’s freezing in here! It’s warmer outside.’

He stopped when he saw her, pointed and laughed.

‘Yeah, it’s cold. Now can you help me? Please?’

Tim raised an eyebrow. ‘How?’

‘The topic sheet I need, it’s on my bed. Please?’

Within a moment, her returned and placed the topic sheet within her sight.

‘Thanks! Oh, and one more thing?’

‘What? I’m going out for a dart.’

‘Cup of tea?’

Tim gave her and incredulous look and strode across the room.

‘Please?’ she called after him.

His middle finger was the last thing she saw as he disappeared into the kitchen.


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