Tim and Jenny 2

Tim closed the door and let out a breath. He wished he had another housemate who could take on some of the responsibility, but it was a two-bedroom terrace, so it was just him. Brad, his current housemate, was leaving for Kenya tomorrow, and Tim had hoped that he would have found a new housemate by now, but they all seemed to be lunatics or psychos. Or both.

The first guy he’d seen, Pete, had not looked around at all. He stared at the ceiling and the floor and the wall, but wouldn’t meet Tim’s eye. Avoiding every question, the only thing he had said was ‘When can I move in?’ Tim had gently moved him on, only to receive an abused call from this guy’s mother a few hours later claiming Tim had built his hopes up. Apparently, Pete was quite high on the autistic spectrum, and his mother refused to believe that Tim was only conducting interviews.

Number two was Mary, a psych nurse who was on the run from her boyfriend who may or may not have mob connections. Number three was a guy claiming to be Mary’s boyfriend.

Fourth was Willow, the son of Sunbury hippies, who at first seemed perfect. He liked watching sports but wasn’t totally obsessed, was happy to smoke outside and wasn’t vegetarian. Almost as a joke, Tim had asked ‘So, what are you weaknesses?’ Willow responded by getting a very intense look on his face and saying ‘I sometimes get really angry.’ He then told about the three walls he had punched through at his last place.

The last one had just left. Jeff. Jeff kept unconventional hours and had unreliable financial sources. Tim had felt like asking why he had even bothered to come to a house interview to reveal he probably couldn’t pay the rent, but said what he’d said to all the others. ‘I’ll give you a call.’

There was a knock on the door. This was the last scheduled interview, and Tim was getting seriously worried. If this didn’t work out, well, he didn’t have a plan b.

When Tim opened the door, Jenny was putting a cigarette butt into his wheelie bin.

‘Hi, I’m Jenny, you’re Tim. Show me the place then let’s get down to the pub and see if we actually get along.’

Things were going to be ok.


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