Tim and Jenny 3

‘I don’t want to.’

‘Yeah, I know Tim. But it’s a seventy-five per cent increase. That’s insane!  We can’t stay.’

Tim stood at the window like a child ready to throw a tantrum. His arms were knotted, and his bottom lip was actually jutting out. If his chin starts to wobble, I’m outta here thought Jenny.

I’m not staying to pay that much extra when he won’t fix the mould problem in the bathroom or in my room or the hole in the floorboard or the heater.’

‘I’ve been here for six years.’

Jenny rolled her eyes. ‘I know.’

‘SIX years. That’s a long time. That’s all of my adult life.’

‘Call yourself an adult?’ Jenny snorted. ‘I’ve seen people who behave more like adults in primary school.’

‘Oh, ha ha. Very bloody funny.’

Jenny went back to the classifieds. ‘Look, here’s a place in Fitzroy that’s in our range.’

‘I don’t want to go.’

‘Look, I know you don’t want to leave, but I can’t afford such a ridiculous rent increase and I’ve talked to the rental authority and it’s going to take too long to fight and we may not win and why the hell am I going over this again, I’ve already told you four times.’

Tim turned and laughed loudly, pointing at her.

‘Got you, got you, got you!’

‘Screw you, Tim.’ Jenny went to her room and slammed the door. Tim followed and stood outside the door.

‘Shall I reiterate what you said yesterday? Ahem. “I’m going to be calmer. This bikram yoga is great! I don’t think I’ll ever lose my temper again. Not ever!” That’s what you said!  Haha! I win!’

Tim walked back into the lounge room, grinning, but feeling slightly empty inside. Victory wasn’t really so sweet alone.


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