Tim and Jenny 4

Jenny padded down the hall and into the bathroom. Tim sat in the lounge room and waited for the sound of the shower to start. He counted to fifteen, and then moved into the kitchen, and put his hand on the hot tap, and then he paused for a moment. Looking around the room, he saw two empty milk cartons, the residue of rice water which Jenny had not cleaned up from her terrible cooking three days ago and the electricity bill he had left for her with a note in red asking for her portion and a large circle around the words ‘final notice’ and he turned the tap. It took a few seconds to run hot, and he let it run for several moments. Then off. He listened to see if there was any reaction from the bathroom. Nothing. Tim turned the tap on again for a little longer, then off. He listened to the quiet. He repeated the action one more time, then shouted back into the house.

‘Pay the bill, replace the water and for crying out loud, clean up your freaking mess!’

Tim grabbed his keys and headed off to work, smugly satisfied he had made some kind of point. It didn’t matter that she wouldn’t have heard him or that she probably didn’t realise he’d been the cause of the sudden temperature changes in the shower.


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