Tim and Jenny 6







‘Right, let’s do this.’

Tim and Jenny settled into their usual positions on the couch and pulled the doona over their legs. Jenny flicked on the television.

‘Still the end of Big Brother.’

‘Oh, for crying out loud. It could be another half an hour.’

The latest contestant to be kicked out of the house made their way down the walkway to the screams and cheers of the live audience. Gretel stood by her seat with a grin plastered to her face. Eventually, the cheers subsided and the post-eviction interview began. Jenny flicked the mute button.

‘I hated her.’

Tim looked at her with disdain.

‘You watch this?’

‘Nah!’ Jenny got defensive. ‘But, you know, it’s on all the time and everyone at work talks about it.’

‘Yeah, right.’

‘No, honest. Apparently she’s a total bitch, and she slept most of the time, and no-one in the house liked her.’

Tim rolled his eyes. Jenny’s tone became defensive.

‘I mean, it’s an interesting concept, don’t you think?’

‘What, sticking people in a house with cameras?’

‘Yeah. Different people from different backgrounds.’


‘Oh, you have no interest?’ Jenny flung a piece of popcorn at Tim’s head. ‘You’ve not had a single discussion about it?’

‘No. Because I have a life.’


‘What?’ Tim sat up and looked at her. ‘What?’

‘You have a life?’


‘This weekend?’

It was Tim’s turn to get defensive.

‘Hey, Baz got the first release of…’

‘Blah blah blah…’

‘No, it’s a great game…’

‘Blah blah, computer games blah…’

‘It was great!’

‘A weekend sitting at your mate’s PC in his parent’s lounge room is “a life”, you reckon? Dream on.’

Tim muttered something under his breath.

‘What was that?’ Jenny inquired, quietly.

‘Nothing. Just, well, what did you do this weekend?’

‘Hey! I never claimed to have a life. Besides, Mum likes it when I go to the dog shows with her. And we got two ribbons.’

Jenny turned the volume back on. In silence, they watched two sets of ads and more inane interviews.

‘What time is it?’

Jenny looked at her phone.

‘Almost nine.’

‘This is bullshit.’


‘I mean, do we expect too much from television?’ Tim asked, outraged. Jenny looked at their carefully made preparations.


Tim followed her eyes.


They returned to silence as the credits rolled over the screaming crowd and it cut to the ratings warning. Jenny cheered.

‘Yay! Goran!’

Tim rolled his eyes, but smiled quietly.

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