Working well together

‘It’s not my job to tell you what to do.’ I took great pleasure inside in seeing a fleeting look of shock cross her face. I didn’t let that pleasure spread to my face, though. I am a professional.

‘I just wanted to get an idea of what you would expect me to work towards.’ She was floundering now. She expected to walk into this job and have everything handed to her on a platter? Not likely. I’ve not spent years building up this program to just hand it over to some moron; some friend of the boss.

‘That’s up to you to work out. It’s just not my job. I am very busy.’ If this wasn’t clear to her, she was more of a moron than I thought. To my surprise, she nodded and looked me in the eye.

‘Not a problem. I’ll work something out.’ She took a sip of her cold coffee. I stood. ‘After all, I am here to support you.’

‘I’ll talk to you later.’ I had to stop myself from hitting her, but wondered if she really believed she could support me. As if I needed support. Still, she hadn’t got the last word in.



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