Tim and Jenny 9

‘I need to pee,’ Jenny said to Tim’s rear end as he cleaned behind the toilet. She stood at the door, looking desperate. ‘Come on, get out!’

‘Nah, I’m almost done. Just wait.’

‘I can’t!’

‘I’m almost done.’ He poured some Domestos on the toothbrush and scrubbed furiously at the grouting around the base. ‘Just hang on.’

‘I’ve been hanging on since Mordialloc!’

‘Why didn’t you go at Parliament?’

Jenny snorted. ‘And get stabbed by a junkie? Look, just go out for one second. In fact, I’ll finish it, if you want.’

‘Yup. I let you finish and I’m staring at filth for weeks.’

‘I promise, I’ll do a good job.’

‘Nope. Five minutes.’



‘Argh!’ Jenny ran out the back and looked around for somewhere to go. There was the shed – there was a space down the side with grass.  She raced out and squatted. As she shut her eyes in relief, she heard a giggle. She finished her weeing and looked up to see her neighbours son looking over the fence.

‘Piss off!’ She shouted. The kid stuck out his tongue and jumped back into his own yard. Jenny groaned.

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