Tim and Jenny 11

‘Oh, go on!’




‘I’d do it for you.’

‘No. If you’re sick, Tim, call in yourself.’


Jenny flicked the electric kettle on and started making her tea. Tim gave her a dirty look and went to the phone. He dialled, staring at her all the time. She gave him a smug look as she put the tea bag in a mug.

‘Hi, it’s Tim. I’m really crook, I’m sorry.’

There was a pause as he listened to the response. Suddenly, he grimaced.

‘Yeah, I know it’s double-time. But, I’m sick.’

Jenny started to giggle as she went to the fridge for the milk.

‘Well, I hope I’ll be ok for tomorrow. Yeah, bye.’

He hung up the phone.

‘Double-time? Oh, you must be sick to miss that.’

‘Double-time? Why the hell is it double-time?

‘It’s Easter, you nong.’



Tim gave Jenny a dirty look. ‘Yeah.’


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