Last tram

Keep running, she thought. It was the last tram and there was no money for a taxi. It was a long walk home from St Kilda to Brunswick.  Just keep running.

The tram was slowing. The driver had seen her. But, if she let up even a little, he’d probably drive off. It had happened before.

Her muscles tingled and her breath was heavy but she kept pushing through. She pumped her arms, wondering if they were actually doing anything to help her. She just kept focussing on the rear brake lights. Several people were getting on. Don’t rush.

The last one got on. Only five metres. Four. Three. A stitch kicked in and she started to limp. She made it to the door and heaved herself in.

‘Thank you!’ She gasped down to the driver who gave a silent nod. She ignored the staring faces looking at her red face and slumped into a seat.


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