Tim and Jenny 12

Jenny stood outside the shower and turned the hot tap all the way on, cursing in her mind. This was the crappest shower ever. She put her hand under the stream. Still cold.

Every day she went through this. Every day she took her clothes off and waited in the freezing cold for the hot water to kick in. The only thing worse at getting hot than the hot water system was the one bar heater on the wall. The bar had barely turned from brown to a very slight orange before the water had changed from cold. Of course, it didn’t go from cold to warm. That would be too easy. It went from cold to scalding, and then cold water needed to be added one tiny turn at a time. Most days, at least once, Jenny would accidently turn it nearly a quarter of the way around, and then it was freezing again.

Finally, she got the balance right, and jumped in, under the pathetic stream which had so little pressure she often still had shampoo in her hair after five full minutes of rinsing. Jenny washed and shampooed quickly then got to her favourite part of the shower – conditioning her hair. She would put the conditioner through, then stand under the stream, eyes closed, and relax. Just as she was about to do this, the water turned cold.

Jenny jumped out and heard the taps groan as the hot water was turned off somewhere else in the house. Then, they groaned on and off again. She listened for any sounds over the water, and heard some shouting in the distance and then the front door slammed. She froze. Had that been Tim or was there someone else in the house? A burglar or perhaps a serial killer?

The shower water was miraculously at the perfect temperature, but Jenny would never know this. She stood under the bar heater with conditioner running down her back and the water for so long that the hot water ran out and she eventually had to rinse with cold water.


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