Springfeel in St Kilda

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There was a direct correlation between the springfeel of a winter’s day and the amount of whistlation on the streets of St Kilda. This was the fourth time that Mark had reworded the concept of his thesis, and he was sure it, too, would be rejected by the panel. It didn’t matter – he didn’t really want to do the research. That was why he had made up terms. Regardless of how long it took him, his stepmother had told him, she would support him. So, he kept putting in bogus applications and they kept getting rejected, and his stepmother kept paying his rent and bills and putting a fairly decent wage into his account. His ex-girlfriend had questioned how he could live like this – a kept man for the woman his father married after practically driving his mother to her grave. Mark didn’t care. He walked to the Espy and started his own whistlation despite the lack of springfeel.

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