Student teacher

‘…which is when you finish writing and hope to God that you read the question properly in your reading time which you used well.’

Hannah put a full stop at the end of the last sentence on the whiteboard and took a couple of seconds to stand back and look at it. Her board writing had improved so much since she started the teaching course, and this was her last class of the last round. She was ready to walk into the classroom.

She’d dealt with rude students, with indifferent students, with angry students. She no longer cared if the students liked her, and had a strong focus on getting them learning process and content. Her grip on the most up-to-date pedagogy was strong and she could teach the more traditional chalk-and-talk as well as student centred, student based and student directed learning. VCE, VCAL, VET, IB. She was ready.

She turned to the class. ‘Any questions?’

A student at the front slowly raised her hand with an expression on her face somewhere between afraid and amused.

‘Isn’t that a permanent marker?’

With panic, Hannah looked at the pen in her hand. She walked back to the board and rubbed at that final, victorious full stop. It remained. 



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