Mindy stood under the shade umbrella in the children’s playground and hoped that it would provide her with some shelter from the rain. It didn’t. It was a loose shade cloth with many small holes though which the rain dropped, but at any rate, the wind was blowing the rain almost horizontal.


Tim watched her from the car. He was due to pick her up in ten minutes. She told him that she was stuck in a meeting for the afternoon. Until he spotted her holding hands with another man in the food court, he had believed her. When he’d seen her, he’d nearly choked on his milkshake. He hadn’t believed that was possible until it happened.


They’d left the food court, still holding hands. They browsed through a sports store, a picture framing shop and a stationery shop before he pulled her into a kiss and they’d left in a hurry. Almost fast enough for Tim to lose them, but not quite. He’d spotted their car, and the direction they went, but unfortunately his car was in a different car park and he couldn’t chase them.


So here he sat, two hours later, watching her. The rain whipped through her summer dress and she held her hand, looking to the street for him, not knowing he was just around the corner, watching.


His smile grew as the rain turned to hail and he began to make up reasons for being late.


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