School was crap. She’d left her homework at home at her teacher was now going to take off ten per cent for every day it was late. Her mother had just texted to say that she was going on a date tonight may not be home. The food in the freezer was the revolting vegan crap her mother loved and she’d used the last of her pay on phone credit that morning. She pulled her beanie lower, flicking her hair out from the bottom in a way that she thought was totally hot. As she adjusted her bag, the earbuds of her iPod unplugged and her music stopped. She found the iPod, plugged in again and flicked through for the music she wanted. Jay-Z. She turned it up so she could no longer hear the traffic and she strode off. Her mood sank as she saw a group of teenage boys hanging out across the whole path. Despite her hate of the alley, she turned into it off the main road. It was the only was to avoid them. She fumbled in her bag for her cigarettes and lighter and, not finding them, she threw her bag on the ground. A dog started to bark. She was angry and the world was against her.

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