Another fail

She felt ill as she walked into the hall with her friends. Instead of studying, last night she’d gone to the movies with her best mate. After watching the first, they snuck into a second and then a third. Now, she was tired and she couldn’t recall exactly what was going to be on the exam.

Another friend grabbed her arm as they walked through and gave it a squeeze of solidarity.

She walked the aisles of desks looking for her number, and finding it, she sat. The exam paper was on the desk and the old biddies who did the exam supervision walked the aisles ready and eager to catch anyone cheating.

Reading time was called and she turned over the page. She opened straight to the first question and stared at it. She couldn’t concentrate to read it. Then writing time was called, and she almost got her pencil in her hand when pens down was called and she was ushered outside. 


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