154 entries and finally one about writer’s block (sort of)

She changed the font four times, the spacing twice and then realised her bottle was empty. The water refilled, she decided that she should have a coffee now rather than interrupting the flow of words once it started. The seat wasn’t quite right, so she got a pillow, then a second, but two made her too high. She put one back and noticed a lot of dust on the coffee table, so she quickly dusted and then vacuumed the whole house. With the floors so clean, the windows looked terrible, and when they were clean she noticed how unruly the garden looked. Once the grass was mown, the roses trimmed back and the garden beds weeded, the fence looked terrible. When it was painted, the chewing gum marks on the footpath looked terrible, so she scraped them off, and then she noticed some dog droppings on the nature strip. She campaigned the local council for new regulations on dog dropping collection and then saw a pair of shoes hanging from the electric wires. The wires were moved underground and she started coughing from the exhaust fumes. All cars were banned unless they were electric and coal fire plants were changed to renewable energy with minimal emissions.

She sat back at the computer and began to type.


One thought on “154 entries and finally one about writer’s block (sort of)

  1. CAN YOU HEAR ME LAUGHING FROM WHEREVER YOU ARE ?? I have just sat down to write … after a coffee, cleansing and moisturising and attending to a few clogged pores, ringing my mum, a drink of water … excellent, ready to start. But first, I’ll check my emails … oh, and I’ll check out Margaret’s blog on writer’s block. Must comment on the Blog. It’s great – of coruse. Need another coffee now, and a stop to the loo on the way to the kitchen. THEN, I’ll write !!!!

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