‘Slovenly.’ The word rang in her ears. Sandy wasn’t sure what it meant, but her mother’s tone of voice made it quite clear that it wasn’t a compliment.

‘Go to the bathroom and fix yourself up, love,’ her father whispered as she went past. ‘Don’t give her a reason to start on you.’

Sandy didn’t think she’d ever given her a reason. But a reason was always found. It didn’t matter that her uniform skirt was long: she was still called a slut. If her hair was out, she was a vixen. If it was back, she was a tease. The one time she dared try make-up it had become physical. Now, in the bathroom, Sandy stared in the mirror and wished she were anyone else.


2 thoughts on “Slovenly

  1. Always love to read your “writing’, it draws the reader in beautifully and one wants to read on, quite a skill you have there….wish I had kept up my reading but life got in the way and I lost the link…have added it to my BOOKMARKS so can regularly read you… looking forward to it

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