The tunnel

The tunnel was quiet. Andi sat, her head leant in to her knees and she giggled quietly to herself. She knew this wasn’t the best hiding place, but then Rohan wasn’t the best seeker, so she might win this round. The only time she had a chance to win was when Rohan was seeking.

It felt like ages passed. Her watch said 10:55, but it always said 10:55 since Poppy pushed Andi into the pool with it still on her wrist. Playtime finished at 11:00. She started to count to sixty; one, cat, dog, two, cat, dog, three, cat, dog, four, cat, dog. Her brother, David, said that it wasn’t cats and dogs, it was hippopotamuses. But, he didn’t have Mrs Stroner, he had Mrs Ulmes. Everyone knew Mrs Stroner knew more stuff that Mrs Ulmes.

It was so quiet. This was the longest Andi had ever hidden. She was sure of it. But the bell hadn’t gone. It must just be her imagination that it was a long time. Mrs Stroner said that when you’re having fun, time goes faster. Mrs Stroner also said that when you get older, time goes faster, and Andi turned seven last week, so that was probably it. On the other hand, Mum often said that time was dragging, and she was heaps older than seven.

Andi poked her head out of the tunnel. There were no other kids on the playground. A bit of Glad wrap flicked up in the breeze, and the old man across the road was checking his letterbox. The bell must have gone! Andi quickly got out of the tunnel and headed to her classroom. Before she went in, she looked at the clock. 11:25! That was the best hiding ever! But she would be in so much trouble. Plus, the class was watching something on the telly, and Andi loved telly so much. She wished she’d heard the bell.

The door seemed much louder than usual. Mrs Stroner looked up, clearly surprised to see Andi.

‘Where have you been?’ she asked sternly.

Andi immediately burst into tears, sobbing about the game of hide and seek and how no one found her or told her the bell had gone. Mrs Stroner gave her a tissue and sat her down the back of the class. As the show continued, Andi smiled quietly to herself. She still hadn’t told anyone where she’d been hiding. 


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