The grass was warm beneath her legs. Gill leaned back, her hands on the hot concrete of the footpath behind her. Her eyes were closed, and she felt the heat of the sun on her face and neck. The light through her eyelids was red. She took a deep breath, but got a nose full of fumes from the traffic on the highway in front of her.


Kaz slapped Gill on the arm.

‘What?’ Gill sat up, annoyed. She’d been thinking of him again, but didn’t want to talk about it with Kaz. Didn’t want to tell her about the kiss, or what he said after.

‘Bus is coming.’

Kaz stood and pulled her uniform back down over her shorts in a most inelegant way. Gill sighed and stood beside her.

‘What are you smiling at?’ Kaz accused. ‘You know you’ve got your presentation in English first up.’

‘Ah, crap.’ Gill frowned slightly. ‘I haven’t prepared anything. What should I do?’



‘Fake it. What’s it on?’

‘Underage drinking.’

Kaz snorted. ‘Like you don’t know anything about that.’

‘Hey! It wasn’t me who ended up puking in Dani’s mum’s rose bushes last weekend.’

‘Shut up.’

‘Just saying.’

‘Yeah, well, at least I don’t sit around thinking about some guy who I’ve got no chance with at all.’

Gill pulled a face at Kaz, wanting to tell her that she did have a chance with him, in fact, she was with him until eleven last night, but she’d promised to keep it a secret. His face popped into her mind and she smiled again.

‘Oh, god. You’re so pathetic.’

Gill ignored her, staring out at the traffic, thinking of him.


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