No one had ever given her a decent explanation on so many things in life. Why do the autumn colours on the trees appear in such strange and beautiful patterns? Why does drinking water slowly cure hiccups for some people but not others? Why did she always feel the need to run away when she was at her happiest?

Some mystery was fine. Perhaps life would have been boring if she’d known everything. Sometimes, it would have been nice to not feel totally in the dark. To be looking at other people and not feel that their life was an unachievable joy compared to hers. To think that other children respected or even loved their mothers more than hers did. She wondered if other people lay in bed hating their husbands silently, yet still had his coffee ready with a smile over breakfast.

She read travel books constantly. Her dreams were of Africa and South East Asia and Boston.  One day, she’d promised herself, when the kids were out of school and she had saved up enough, she’d get a one way ticket and see if she ever came back.


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