That pain wasn’t there last week.

She sat in the couch like a ball of blu-tack, unable to detach herself from the cushions. The television was on, but it was only the cricket, so it didn’t count. She knew getting up and taking a walk, even to the kitchen and back, would start to free up the joints, but it seemed impossible. The idea that gravity would beat her again, would suck her to the ground, would knock her about and bruise her; that idea was too large in her mind. In her mind, gravity was a creature. A giant troll. No, more accurately, it was the Earth itself, but it undulated when ever she stood, forcing her to embrace it.

A ball flew into the air, and a man in yellow ran to catch it with no effort at all. He flung the ball back into the air and embraced his team mates. She shook her head, but even that seemed too much. Closing her eyes, she tried to remember a time when things were less difficult.

4 thoughts on “Inertia

  1. Another beautiful piece. I personally relate to this, especially with the stiffness in my joints – a side-effect from my medication. Love the ‘man in yellow’ reference. To me his yellowness is the sunshine and his life is full and free because he is doing what he loves. Brilliant! Well done Margaret x

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